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After more than a decade of pioneering ways to achieve better cross-functional outcomes, no one can match BV’s ability to help complex organizations implement solutions better and faster.

The Velocity

The Velocity Advantage, by Consequent founder and CEO Jack Bergstrand, is an easy to apply handbook to help readers achieve better and faster cross-functional results in an era where big companies don’t beat small ones; fast companies beat slow ones. It provides the foundation for the work that Consequent does every day with its clients. Thirty-five years in the making, The Velocity Advantage is endorsed by many board members and C-level executives of major companies.


Some companies have a clear direction, but move too slowly. Others move quickly, but without a clear enough direction. Consequent helps organizations achieve both speed and direction—the key to winning in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. We do this by systematically helping the right people implement the right actions at the right time, to achieve better and faster cross-functional outcomes. With Consequent as part of your team, you will achieve better and faster results with less aggravation.


Strati-Pro offers a systematic way for colleagues, with different skills and perspectives, to create better and faster cross-functional outcomes. Through Strati-Pro—Action Planning (SP-AP), team members can leverage Strati-Pro to more rapidly cocreate winning destinations, integrated action plans, and more productive project and program management capabilities. SP-AP is a major advantage when planning and implementing critical business initiatives—often helping organizations achieve in hours and days what takes weeks and months the old-fashioned way.

SP-AP Sessions